Mini Dough Bowl Candles

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Your "FOREVER" candle awaits, our dough bowls can be refilled over and over to love them for years to come. 

Our signature mini wooden Dough Bowl, and our best seller . Each one is hand-carved and unique with its own features and characteristics. blemishes are expected. Please note we do treat out bowls, but we cannot guarantee wax tightness. Minis are the perfect gift.

Measurements approximately:
8-9 Inch Long
6-7 inches wide
3 1/2 inches deep

Each 'Mini' dough bowl holds around one pound of wax, has 3 organic cotton wicks, and burns for 30-35 hours. These amounts vary, based on the shape and thickness of each handmade dough bowl. Please expect wax to ramin in your bowl when finished. Clean even burns are not always expected due to the hand carved nature of each bowl. 

Luxurious, all-natural & eco-friendly soy candles. All candles are made with organic soy wax with 100 percent organic wicks and contain no lead, plastics, parabens, phthalates, or synthetic dyes.

We are not responsible for cracks or leaks, we will work with our customers if issues arise. We seal and treat each one, but holes and or breaks can happen. Especially during transportation like shipping. Please be cautious and always burn on a flat, safe surface you wouldn’t want damaged or ruined. 

Dough bowls are hand pour made to order. Please allow up to 4/5 days before shipping. 

Dough Bowl color is random. White, black, brown, gray. If you would like a specific color please note that, and we will try to accommodate. 

Repurpose the vintage bowl when the candle is gone. Dough bowls do qualify for our refill program, please join our Facebook group and search for the refill kits online!